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3 Exercises to Combat Sitting

If you have done more virtual hangouts recently you might have also noticed increased stiffness in your spine and possibly changes in your posture. We all know it’s healthy not to sit for prolonged periods of time, but sometimes we can’t help it.

If you have a couple of minutes in between virtual meetings or a couple of minutes after a virtual hangout, practice these 3 easy exercises. These exercises are to strengthen the glutes, mobilize the mid-back, and strengthen the core which will all combat the detrimental effects of sitting.

Just don’t forget to turn off your mic and camera when doing these…

  • Glute Bridges
  • Thoracic Mobilizations
  • Bird Dogs


John KimJohn Kim

John Kim

John enjoys working with the orthopedic and sports population across all age ranges and prefers a whole body, hands-on manual approach using innovative techniques. He is certified in dry needling, has taken coursework in the Mulligan Concept, and has taken coursework in Bloodflow Restriction Rehab.

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