Physical Therapy

Do you remember the days when there was no thought of limitations? When your body worked for you and pain didn't hold you back? We have one goal for you: to help you feel like anything is possible again.

From the first physical therapy session, we will use our proprietary methods developed by founder David Reavy to release muscle restrictions and activate your muscles. We will find the cause of your pain and treat the site of your injury by using our hands-on therapy. Throughout your treatment we will continue to reassess how your body is functioning and responding to ensure your therapy evolves as you progress.

We don't mind high expectations. In fact, we welcome them. We have seen our work profoundly affect our clients' quality of movement and quality of life. Some of our clients call our science-based approach to physical therapy amazing. We call it the Reavy Method®.

In addition to the Reavy Method®, we provide the following physical therapy services and techniques:

Dry Needling

Vestibular Rehabilitation

The McKenzie Method

The Maitland Approach

The Mulligan Concept

Postural Restoration Institute methodologies


Gait and Biomechanics Analysis

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

Kinesiology Taping

Custom Orthotics

Functional Movement Screens

Sports Functional Movement Assessment

TPI Certification

Home Safety Evaluations

Ergonomic Assessments


Travel PT is available. Please contact us for rates.  

Rather than focus on only the site of the injury, we will treat all of you.

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