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Compensate to Participate

Compensation means the body is working harder in one area to offset a deficiency in another area. An athlete’s body is so finely tuned that they can get away with compensating longer than the average person; and will wear themselves down in order to perform. But sooner or later the inefficiencies will catch up to them.

Compensation is a precursor to injury. It sets off a chain of events in the body because other areas must work harder to make up for the weaknesses. Rest is the classic prescription to address these injuries. However, during rest the weak muscles continue to get weaker. The core problem of compensation is not addressed.

You hear a lot of guys talk about when they sprain one ankle, they usually hurt something else. I think it’s inevitable, if you continue to play with something hurt, you’re probably going to end up hurting yourself somewhere else.”
– Joe Girardi in ESPN.com, Oct. 14, 2012

The Bottom Line:
Injuries play a major role in the salary and longevity of an athlete. Injuries cost money – that’s the bottom line.

If you add up the total of lost salaries, plus replacement-player salaries, for the four seasons from 2008-11, you get … approximately $1.9 billion…”
– Jayson Stark, ESPN the Magazine June 2012

Keeping players healthy by preventing injury and getting players back on the field faster, more balanced, and stronger than ever is what we do.

We offer travel PT for athletes to keep you playing throughout the season, position-specific training, as well as offseason training. For more information, please email info@bereact.com

I’ve had some bad luck with injuries. I had 12 holes in right knee, many doctors said I should stop playing basketball. David has been able to put me back together. I’m not worried if I get hurt because I know I can come see him and get back to 100%.

Paul Davis
Paul Davis

I would say working with David helps you to learn about your body, not only in sports but in life. How to make taking care of your body part of your daily routine. I feel a lot faster and stronger since coming here. My body feels more balanced.

Alshon Jeffrey
Alshon Jeffrey

I’ve been playing basketball overseas for three years and this last summer was the first time I came to see David consistently. After doing my therapy and all of the exercises David gave me on a regular basis, I had the best season percentage wise that I have ever had.

Jerome Randle
Jerome Randle

For the past 2-3 years I had been experiencing right leg pain, back pain, and a slew of other issues. A friend of mine referred me to React and I’m truly amazed by my progress. A few months later and I’m now 100% healed. If you have imbalances, flexibility issues, mobility issues, call React.

Jordan T.
Jordan T.

I am so indebted to React. For so long, having pain in my shoulder was so normal, I didn’t even think about it. The first time I woke up and walked around for hours before realizing I wasn’t in pain was amazing. I can’t thank them enough for their detailed, careful, and hard work to fix me up.

Emily B
Emily B.

I came here fresh off a major hip operation and knee repair. My body was completely unbalanced. I think since my time here, we’ve made huge strides I didn’t think were possible. My stability and strength is better than it’s been in probably 10 years. I think it has everything to do with David and the techniques he has used. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Mike Magee
Mike Magee

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