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Physical Therapy

From Pain to Play: A Whole Body Approach to Recovery

Do you remember the days when there was no thought of limitations? When your body worked for you and pain didn’t hold you back? We have one goal for you: to help you feel like anything is possible again.

From the first physical therapy session, we will use our proprietary methods developed by founder David Reavy to release muscle restrictions and activate your muscles. We will find the cause of your pain and treat the site of your injury by using our hands-on therapy. Throughout your treatment, we will continue to reassess how your body is functioning and responding to ensure your therapy evolves as you progress.

Rather than focus on only the site of the injury, we treat all of you.

We don’t mind high expectations. In fact, we welcome them. We have seen our work profoundly affect our clients’ quality of movement and quality of life. Some of our clients call our science-based approach to physical therapy amazing. We call it the Reavy Method©.

In addition to the Reavy Method©, we provide the following physical therapy services and techniques:

Dry Needling

Dry needling can help relieve trigger point pain by mechanically disrupting these taut muscles, elicit a local twitch response, decrease concentrations of chemical mediators that signal pain receptors, increase blood flow to the area, and help to modify the inflammatory process. Watch the video and learn more on our Dry Needling page, here.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a specialized form of physical therapy that uses specific exercises to improve the efficiency of your vestibular and central nervous system and treat patients with complaints of dizziness, vertigo, motion sensitivity, instability, and a history of falling. Watch the video and learn more on our Vestibular Therapy page, here.

The McKenzie Method

The MeKenzie Method is a type of mechanical diagnosis and therapy technique that uses repetitive movements of the spine and extremities rather than a single movement to assess your symptoms and improve pain free mobility.

The Maitland Approach

The Maitland Approach is a manual therapy technique that uses graded passive joint mobilizations on any restricted joints to improve pain levels and restore mobility and function.

The Mulligan Concept

The Mulligan Concept is a manual therapy technique that uses a sustained joint mobilization with the patient performing a repeated movement in order to address a movement restriction and restore full pain free ROM at the point of restriction.

Postural Restoration Institute methodologies

PRI recognizes that dominant overuse on one side of the body for neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular, and vision systems can develop disuse and weaknesses. These dominant overuse patterns can be treated through specific exercise programs.


ASTYM is a treatment that uses specialized tools on soft tissue, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, to improve mobility and decrease pain. By causing “a-stimulation,” the body’s natural healing process, the muscles are allowed to heal and regenerate.

Gait and Biomechanics Analysis

Examination of movement is completed through tests and measures looking directly at strength, mobility and flexibility of the musculoskeletal system and gait mechanics. Compensatory movement patterns, limitations and abnormalities are then identified allowing the physical therapist to understand and treat the root cause of symptoms.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is applied as an adjunct to rehabilitation with various possible goals in mind. Possible uses include: assisting blood flow to increase healing or decrease swelling in a body region, providing musculoskeletal stability at a particular joint, or providing tactile input for re-education of posture.

Women's Health Physical Therapy

With Women’s Health Physical Therapy at React, we can restore strength to your pelvic floor and ultimately free you from the symptoms that keep you from living your best life. Watch the video and learn more.

Functional Movement Screens

Functional Movement Screen is a tool used before participation in activities to identify and quantify compensatory movement patterns. Inefficient movement patterns can lead to increased risk of injury and decreased performance. These screens are followed up by appropriate treatment to correct the movement patterns.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment is a series of movement tests to assess patterns of movement that cause pain. This assessment acts as a guide to break down dysfunctional movement patterns to determine if the cause is mobility, stability, or motor control. This assessment serves as a guide to be followed up by the physical therapist for treatment.

Ergonomic Assessments

We examine all aspects of a patient’s work environment and duties in order to understand individual needs. Ergonomic factors are then addressed as needed, including postural education and change, recommendations for equipment or environmental adjustments.

I’ve had some bad luck with injuries. I had 12 holes in right knee, many doctors said I should stop playing basketball. David has been able to put me back together. I’m not worried if I get hurt because I know I can come see him and get back to 100%.

Paul Davis
Paul Davis

I would say working with David helps you to learn about your body, not only in sports but in life. How to make taking care of your body part of your daily routine. I feel a lot faster and stronger since coming here. My body feels more balanced.

Alshon Jeffrey
Alshon Jeffrey

I’ve been playing basketball overseas for three years and this last summer was the first time I came to see David consistently. After doing my therapy and all of the exercises David gave me on a regular basis, I had the best season percentage wise that I have ever had.

Jerome Randle
Jerome Randle

For the past 2-3 years I had been experiencing right leg pain, back pain, and a slew of other issues. A friend of mine referred me to React and I’m truly amazed by my progress. A few months later and I’m now 100% healed. If you have imbalances, flexibility issues, mobility issues, call React.

Jordan T.
Jordan T.

I am so indebted to React. For so long, having pain in my shoulder was so normal, I didn’t even think about it. The first time I woke up and walked around for hours before realizing I wasn’t in pain was amazing. I can’t thank them enough for their detailed, careful, and hard work to fix me up.

Emily B
Emily B.

I came here fresh off a major hip operation and knee repair. My body was completely unbalanced. I think since my time here, we’ve made huge strides I didn’t think were possible. My stability and strength is better than it’s been in probably 10 years. I think it has everything to do with David and the techniques he has used. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Mike Magee
Mike Magee

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