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Exercising After Your Thanksgiving Feast

Another successful Thanksgiving: Your stomach is filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, and you’re lying on the couch in front of a TV running a disappointing Cowboys vs Football Team matchup. But wait! Here’s an opportunity for you…

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Knee Pain Routine

Knee pain is a very common limiting factor in keeping up with training routines, whether it's cardio or weightlifting. Most often, I see pain above the kneecap or at the outside of the knee; usually due to tightness within quads,…

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Loaded Stretching

One type of stretching that is becoming more and more popular is something called 'loaded stretching'. Loaded stretching is a form of static stretching, involving the use of weights, or a load, to increase the amount of stretch you can achieve while also increasing tension in…

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What Does Physical Therapy Cost?

The cost of your physical therapy depends on your insurance coverage and your treatment for that visit. We do accept many insurance plans and also offer self-pay rates for those opting out of using insurance. As a courtesy to our…

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