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Tips For Running In The Snow

🏃🏾Adjust your stride. A shorter stride will give you more control and may avoid pain/injury if you happen to slip. 👣 Consider improving your traction with shoes specifically made with a bit more traction- winterized versions of running shoes, “trail”…

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Posture: Standing or Sitting

Posture plays a huge role in how we feel throughout the day. Whether it is standing or sitting, the way we position our bodies determines how our bodies act and perform. If you find yourself either standing or sitting throughout…

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Stretching Post-Workout

You’ve just finished a strenuous workout—you might have run a few miles, lifted a few weights, swam a lap or two—but did you stretch?  Stretching often falls by the wayside of people’s workout routines. It might hurt, it might take…

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Shoulder Stiffness Relief

Do you have upper back or shoulder stiffness? Try some of these home exercises to improve your upper-body mobility and strengthen your shoulders. All you’ll need is a foam roller and a resistance band. Warm-up and mobility: Shoulder and neck…

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The Importance of Exercise During Covid-19

Recently the World Health Organization released guidelines for physical exercise for people of all ages. For adults aged 18-64, the recommendations are as follows: Should do at least 150–300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, or at least 75–150 minutes of…

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Flat Feet: Weight-Bearing

If you are experiencing flat feet when weight-bearing, then try these exercises to help strengthen and correct the arches of your feet. Plantar Fascia Release: In a sitting or standing position, take a lacrosse ball or golf ball and place…

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