Physical Therapy For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a constant companion, putting limits on what you can do and dragging your energy down. People search for ways to alleviate chronic pain, but that task is difficult and needs to be well managed. Methods to treat chronic pain vary from the traditional - chiropractic therapy, pain-killers, analgesics, electrical nerve therapy – to the modern - hypnosis and meditation.

While some of these treatments can temporarily relieve or help you to cope with the pain, they often do not address the actual problem. It’s just a band-aid solution.

The Reavy Method for Chronic Pain

Our physical therapy services are specifically designed to relieve your chronic pain. We use the Reavy Method, a whole body approach to physical therapy that will get to the root of your pain.

Instead of simply treating the site of the pain, our physical therapists focus on treating the entire body. Our goal is to ensure that every muscle works together properly in order to change the body’s posture, eliminating the cause of your chronic pain, not just the symptoms.

A typical session lasts one or two hours, with 30 minutes of manual therapy from a physical therapist, followed by exercises to help strengthen and correct the causes of pain. Every patient is different, and each treatment will be tailored to fit your specific needs.

We’ll take the focus off your limitations and guide you back to hope and the expectation that your body will once again be your ally in the activities you have always loved.

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