Massage Therapy

This isn't your average day at the spa. Massage therapy at React is both therapeutic and clinical. Our massage therapy is specific, thoughtful, and guided with your recovery as our sole focus. Our anatomy-based massage therapies include deep tissue, trigger point, prenatal, myofascial, and sports-specific massage. Our massage therapists work alongside our physical therapists; sharing knowledge and getting specific direction on areas that need work. This ensures your therapy flows smoothly and efficiently from physical therapy to massage therapy.

Not a physical therapy patient? You can still come and see our highly-skilled massage therapists. And our physical therapists are available to consult with our massage therapists if there are symptoms that need additional attention.

Modalities include:

Thai Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Prenatal Massage
Trigger Point
Cupping Therapy
Sports Massage
Lymphatic Drainage


This isn't your average day at the spa.

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