BE Running

Running isn't bad for your body. Bad running is.

Your muscles are your first line of defense in any activity. If they don't absorb the force properly something else will have to and that something else is going to be your bones, joints, and cartilage. When a body is imbalanced, ankles roll, backs hurt, and hip flexors are tight. Additionally, your force absorption is imbalanced. Running increases the force translated through your joints and therefore increases the imbalance force. BE Running can change that. ​

We designed the BE Running body engineering program to emphasize muscle balance and proper alignment. Based on the principles of the Reavy Method, the program's goal is to help runners find strength in balance.

The program is designed to be high impact, low time commitment. Runners can come for one to three sessions (or more for fine tuning), with each phase taking clients a little further depending on your level and goals.

The initial session involves a thorough intake process during which a physical therapist will analyze strength, alignment, mobility, flexibility, and gait. On the very first visit, runners will learn targeted muscle releases that can be done at home with a foam roller or lacrosse ball in order to improve mobility and alignment. Our physical therapists will give you individualized exercises you can begin to implement immediately into your routine.

The second and third sessions will focus on detailed analysis of gait, with tips and fine-tuning of technique as well as discussion and demonstration of individualized advanced exercise progression.

Included in each session is one-on-one time with a massage therapist who will work to break up tight muscles under the direction of the physical therapist.

Running doesn't have to be so hard. You shouldn't have to battle yourself to get a good run. By correcting imbalances and gait irregularities, BE Running gets you running more efficiently and effortlessly.