BE Pregnant

Pregnancy technically lasts for nine months, but your body doesn't always get the memo. Most will tell you the effects of pregnancy are seen and felt years after childbirth. It makes sense. For just shy of a year, your body makes drastic changes to carry, deliver, and care for a child. It's an amazing process, but it's also one that creates imbalances and pain for nine plus months.

So what do you do about it - accept this period in your life as inevitable? It's the hand nature dealt you, right?


Introducing BE Pregnant, React's physical therapy-based perinatal program. BE Pregnant is designed to help women through all stages of pregnancy and post pregnancy. As physical therapists, we understand muscles that were stretched and shut off during pregnancy don't just bounce back without a little help. We can address the difficulties related to pregnancy and childbirth and also start you on the road to reclaiming your body through strength and conditioning.

In BE Pregnant, our physical therapists thoroughly assess and develop a personalized program just for you. We're here to find out what your issues are and to design a plan based on your needs and goals. Don't accept pain and imbalances as just part of pregnancy when we can help you do something about it. You can be balanced, be strong, and BE Pregnant. ‚Äč