Wrong Name/Wrong Treatment-Plantar Fasciitis

By Tuesday December 26th 2017

Your fascia is composed of a dense network of highly organized collagen fibers, which gives the tissue the strength necessary to support the extraordinary amount of force placed through the arch when walking and is why it is called your arch support.

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Ski Conditioning 3

Ski Conditioning

By Thursday November 16th 2017

Skiing is a complex, total body sport both, aerobic and anaerobic, that requires strength, stability, mobility, and cardiovascular endurance.

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Three ways your shoulder blade matters

By Friday October 20th 2017

Seventeen muscles attach to your shoulder blade (aka your “scapula"), which can play a role in shoulder pain, arm pain, neck pain and more. Here’s how identifying alterations in scapular position can improve overall function.

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Benefits of the Deadlift

By Wednesday October 11th 2017

Additionally, since this exercise emphasizes the posterior chain (the muscles on the backside of our body), it can help improve your posture and offset the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting.

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Blood Flow Restricted Rehabilitation

By Wednesday August 23rd 2017

There have been multiple studies that show the combination of blood flow occlusion and low level exercises (think bodyweight exercises) can induce strength and hypertrophy, similar to someone lifting heavy weights most days of the week.

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