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Group Exercise

RMx Group Exercise

Too many of us are on the proverbial (or actual) treadmill. We’re working hard, but we’re not getting anywhere and our bodies remain the same. Strong muscles are getting stronger, and weak muscles? Well, they’re still weak. It’s time to evaluate your workout options.

You can go it alone, find a trainer, or workout with a team. Going it alone can be a bummer and a trainer isn’t for everyone. Working out with a team gives you accountability and maybe even a little fun. Meet RMx®, React Physical Therapy’s small group exercise program.

With RMx®, we know there is an order to things. Our goal is to get you a balanced body. We create mobility, then stability, then strength, and finally power. Why? Because in our group exercise program, we break you down (in a good way) to build you back up correctly. First, we help you find freedom in movement (mobility), then pour the foundation (stability). Finally we strengthen everything and help you find your power. You can get an exercise program that focuses on reps and weights anywhere. In the RMx Group Exercise® program, form and function are equal partners in your small group training.


We create mobility, then stability, then strength, and finally power.

RMx Exercise Videos

We have put a select group of RMx exercises online to get you started and keep you going while you're on the road.

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